5th Hole

5th Hole Sweetens Cove

One of the most highly entertaining and strategic short par fours in the world.

Drivable par fours are considered by many to be the most fun and, when executed properly, the most strategic of holes. It would be understandable to have somewhat of a letdown after the tremendously dramatic fourth hole, but the 283-yard fifth refuses to take a back seat and, as a result, immediately establishes itself as one of the most highly entertaining and strategic short par fours in the world.

After a short stroll from the fourth green, players walk across a beautifully constructed boardwalk, through the waste bunker and onto the elevated back tee, which provides a commanding view of the 100-yard wide 5th fairway, waste area, and third fairway.

Strategic dilemmas abound as golfers who choose a layup must consider the correct angle of approach into the boldly contoured, boomerang green, as the pin placement will exert a great deal of influence over the optimal area from which to approach the hole. Bold golfers intending to reach the green on the drive must deal with a beautifully constructed greenside hazard, which is adjacent to the waste area, and a devilish, centrally positioned ten-foot deep pot bunker lined with railway sleepers. Once in this hazard, it is possible that multiple strokes will be necessary to successfully escape its depths.

Combined with the putting surface and the tightly mown surrounds, this feature ensures that scores ranging from eagle to triple bogey will be common. It is a rare and beautiful paradigm when dramatic opportunities for success and failure reside in such close quarters.