8th Hole

8th Hole Sweetens Cove

The double plateau eighth green is a behemoth at 12,500 square feet, the second largest on the course.

At 371 yards, there was a danger that the strategy and playing characteristics of the seventh and eighth holes could be seen as being too similar, and would, therefore, become monotonous over time. At this stage of the round, any such mistake was entirely unacceptable. Fortunately, the eighth stands alone from its cousin, the seventh, but shares important cohesive strategic and shaping characteristics with its natural relative.

In contrast with the prior, smallish putting surface, the double plateau eighth is a behemoth at 12,500 square feet, the second largest on the course. Additionally, the angles required for success on the seventh are irrelevant on the eighth, as pin placement on the massive green will dictate the optimal angle of approach from the outrageously wide fairway.

Counterintuitively, play from the center of the fairway is the least likely spot to yield low scores or shots that have a reasonable chance to rest near the hole. Instead, the well-protected outer margins of the hole will provide the clever player with the best angle of approach to the surreal putting surface. As if it were a clock in a Salvador Dali painting, the green seems to drape over its surroundings, the outrageous contours deflecting any less than ideally struck shots to the immense, tightly mown and topographically heaving surrounds.

In a flattering comparison, the eighth green has drawn comparisons to the all-world sixteenth at North Berwick. While it is impossible to re-create the feel of an iconic masterpiece like the aforementioned green, our eighth certainly provides immense playing interest with its massive playing corridor, irregular topography and green that contains a 4-6’ deep swale running through its interior.